Green Jack Brewery - The UK's Most Easterly Brewers - Lowestoft, Suffolk

Golden Best 3.8% 36 pints


18 Litre Box 

Golden Best 3.8% Our easy drinking session ale brewed with German hops and locally grown East Anglian malt. Golden Best has a light floral aroma, with a clean and crisp finish.
Allergy info: Contains Wheat and Malted Barley

Note: This product contains live yeast and sediment, it will need to be left in a cool place and standing for at least twelve hours before drunk. Once you are ready to drink the beer, it needs to be opened and poured carefully. The beer should be clear and without any sediment in it. Once the box has settled we advise against moving it as this may cause the sediment to become unsettled. The box should be kept cool and out of sunlight at all times.

Boxes which get too hot or left too long may start to expand - we advise you order your beer to be delivered 72 to 48 hours prior to being consumed so it is as fresh as possible. 

Once opened we recommend you drink within 5 days for the best quality product. 

Consuming the sediment should not cause illness, however we do not advise it.